As most of you know by now, church was canceled today. I hope you all have a great week and keep everyone in your prayers. Many of us have been ill over the last several weeks and are taking awhile to recover. I hope everyone gets feeling better soon.
Our movie night was attended by 11 people and the movie was awesome. Thanks to Dennise for arranging all the treats!
The baptism of Ajok was a wonderful event last sunday.
Several things are pending so please mark these dates on your calendar.

1. Vestry is SATURDAY FEB 3 AT 10:00 AM. snacks to be provided by parish council members. All reports to be to Brenda by Jan 17th. Hand outs will be given out Jan 28th for your attention before the meeting. Anyone wishing to be on the board is welcome to let Deb, Cindy or Rev. Allie know.

2. The next Raffle is coming up, prizes are displayed at the back of the church. I hope to have tickets and posters ready to hand out next sunday. 

3. Shrove Tues is Feb 13th this year and we have decided to try the pancake supper again. I need at least 13 volunteers and Allie is asking St. Paul's to help out. We have decided on a good will offering to see how that goes. So far I have 7 volunteers. I need people to set up tables on Monday afternoon and to take then down Tues night. I also need servers, a  batter maker, dishwashers to work the machine, a greeter to run the elevator and someone to take money at the door. So if any of these jobs appeals to you please let me know asap. We need to assemble a team to help make this work! This will be a START initiative.

3. Ash Wednesday service Feb 14th at 7 PM

4. Next gift card order Feb 25th, I am trying to do 5 this year instead of 4.

Have a great week and I hope we all get dug out at some point today!
Stay warm the deep freeze is coming!